Friday, December 7, 2012

And The Winner is

Sorry for no picture post but today I just wanted to announce the winner of my giveaway.

I got a few suggestions and the first one was Temptation given by one of my friends Kalyna on my facebook page. I liked the suggestion but this one I want to use for my bracelet pattern which I am giving away to the winner. Since naming of the bracelet was not a part of the giveaway but still Kalyna will receive one of the bracelet for free.

I liked the other name suggested Dr. Kanwal in my facebook inbox which is Mother's Creations which I was going to use for my shop name on Etsy. But unfortunately this name is not available so I have named my shop as Mother's Tatted Treasures.

Thanks a lot everyone for your input. Congratulations Kalyna & Dr. Kanwal for being the winner in the first ever giveaway on my blog. Stay tuned.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Giveaway Time

I was thinking of opening my own online store since last year but was not getting enough time to make new things and list them up for sale. Finally after getting free from my exams and related stuff, I got time to get my shuttles and threads out to tat something new. Now I need to name my shop and for that I looked into many names but nothing appealed till now. So I decided to ask for my readers view in this regard.

I have made this bracelet in red thread with glass beads to giveaway for free to the reader who will suggest me a catchy name for my online shop. All you have to do is to leave your suggested name in the comments under this post. The reader whose suggested name I will use for my shop will get this bracelet for free. I will post the winners name on December 07, 2012.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Exams are over, feeling relaxed and want to concentrate on other things which were taking back spot all through this time. Like spending time with my family and friends and much much more. Didn't get time to tat anything too & that is also on the agenda means doing more of it. Planning to open an online store soon. Just realized that I was missing on so many things for all this time.

Even though I didn't tat anything for a while, still I have found a few things to share while looking into my tatting basket yesterday. These are snowflakes which I made using Jon Yusof's pattern. Last year I participated in the Spring Bookmark Exchange event and I sent my bookmark to Jon. After sending the bookmark to her I decided to go over her site and I decided to make these snowflakes right away.

First one was Daisy Picot Snowflake, I made this snowflake because it involved using daisy picots which I had never used in any of my work before. This gives very interesting results.

The second one was Hearts in a Snowflake, this didn't come out as well as in the pattern itself. I will try to make it again for better result and also the rest of the snowflake patterns.
Hope that now onward i will be more regular in doing tatting and posting new. May God bless us all! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Few More Earrings

Still obsessed with tatting more earrings -

These earrings were made following the pattern by Jennifer Williams. I love the color and the effect.

This pattern is taken from this link and my due appreciation goes to the designer.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just Playing around with Thread

I was just playing around with the thread without even thinking what to make. I ended up making this earring and necklace set in red colored thread with shiny bead. I scanned it with two different backgrounds to see the different effects it give.

For the pattern, I would just say that I made it up myself. All the rings are 3ds p 3ds B 3ds p 3ds. All the chains are 3ds B 3ds 3B 3ds B 3ds. I made this circle in just one go. Starting with the ring and chain sequence, I inserted the jump ring in the fourth chain replacing the 3B. Continuing with ring chain sequence till  I joined the last picot of the eighth ring to the first picot of the first ring. The last chain is split chain, splitted at the point where 3B had to go and inserting a larger pearl bead in both the strings and followed by the individual strings of beads.  
I like the final look of the work but would love to have more ideas of my readers.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Fund Raiser

Here I am back after a long time, my exams are over and waiting for result. Keeping my finger's crossed but feeling free mentally, physically as well as emotionally. Now I have enough free time to pursue with tatting and more tatting and even more tatting. Today I am just posting some of the pictures of earrings which I made for Valentine's Day fundraiser for my daughter's school. I didn't get time to post these earlier. Now I am going to post pictures only and no explanations as I don't remember my ideas behind making these earrings.

I found a picture from an old magazine for the above earrings a while ago. Originally The earrings were in white color and no beads. Using red color and white beads gave it a a very different look. I could not find the link online but I sure have the picture which I will post some other time.

Design of these above earrings is from Nancy Tracy and is available free on here site at this link

These earrings are Jane Eborall's Winsome Drop Earrings pattern. I love all her patterns and sincerely wish to make all of her designs.

This cute little bookmark I made from Yarnplayer's Dream Earrings pattern. I made dream pendant set to gift to my daughter's swimming teacher last year, I forgot to take the picture. While making earring I ended up leaving the finding's slot at the wrong point which I just kept because it could not be made into an earring. My friend gave me an idea to make a tail and turn it into a bookmark. I made the lock stitch chain out of the remaining attached thread and put some beads and here it is. There could never be a better use of this piece than this. But still I would like to know the ideas of my readers what could it be made into? Post your idea in the comment and get a chance to get it free.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Valentines Day Special Set

One day before I realized that I hadn't tatted anything nice to be given as Valentine's day gift to my daughter's class-teacher. After searching for easy to do & quick pattern to be made in the shortest possible time, I came across Jane Eborall's Winsome Drop earrings pattern. I decided to make just a pair of earrings but once I started to tat the pattern, I decided to modified the pattern to make it into a complete set.

Following the Winsome Drop earrings pattern, I just made the top part of the pattern for the earrings as well as the pendant & tatted the chain to go with the pendant. I really liked the way it turned out at the end and was instant hit with my friends.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Motif #25 - Carnival Earrings

Finally I got chance to post my last but not the least motif #25 for this time. It is Yarnplayer's carnival earring pattern tatted in her hand dyed thread Sugar Maple which I got in one of her giveaways last year. Even the beads used in the pattern were part of the same giveaway. It was exciting as well as fun to tat this pattern. Just want to added here that this is one of her free patterns, posted on the free patterns page in her blog.

Despite my best efforts, I am unable to take a good picture. Sorry about that. I shall try to take another one and post it some other time.

I completed this pattern almost 6 months ago but could not get anytime to take pictures and post due to my exam. Now the exam is over so I am relaxing for a while, my result is still awaited. Hope I will be able to get through which is my dream at the moment.

With this pattern I have completed my first 25 Motifs Challenge & already looking forward to do one more as soon as the time will permit. Please feel free to comments as every feedback is valuable and encourages me to work even better next time.