Friday, February 24, 2012

Motif #25 - Carnival Earrings

Finally I got chance to post my last but not the least motif #25 for this time. It is Yarnplayer's carnival earring pattern tatted in her hand dyed thread Sugar Maple which I got in one of her giveaways last year. Even the beads used in the pattern were part of the same giveaway. It was exciting as well as fun to tat this pattern. Just want to added here that this is one of her free patterns, posted on the free patterns page in her blog.

Despite my best efforts, I am unable to take a good picture. Sorry about that. I shall try to take another one and post it some other time.

I completed this pattern almost 6 months ago but could not get anytime to take pictures and post due to my exam. Now the exam is over so I am relaxing for a while, my result is still awaited. Hope I will be able to get through which is my dream at the moment.

With this pattern I have completed my first 25 Motifs Challenge & already looking forward to do one more as soon as the time will permit. Please feel free to comments as every feedback is valuable and encourages me to work even better next time. 

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