Monday, June 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Fund Raiser

Here I am back after a long time, my exams are over and waiting for result. Keeping my finger's crossed but feeling free mentally, physically as well as emotionally. Now I have enough free time to pursue with tatting and more tatting and even more tatting. Today I am just posting some of the pictures of earrings which I made for Valentine's Day fundraiser for my daughter's school. I didn't get time to post these earlier. Now I am going to post pictures only and no explanations as I don't remember my ideas behind making these earrings.

I found a picture from an old magazine for the above earrings a while ago. Originally The earrings were in white color and no beads. Using red color and white beads gave it a a very different look. I could not find the link online but I sure have the picture which I will post some other time.

Design of these above earrings is from Nancy Tracy and is available free on here site at this link

These earrings are Jane Eborall's Winsome Drop Earrings pattern. I love all her patterns and sincerely wish to make all of her designs.

This cute little bookmark I made from Yarnplayer's Dream Earrings pattern. I made dream pendant set to gift to my daughter's swimming teacher last year, I forgot to take the picture. While making earring I ended up leaving the finding's slot at the wrong point which I just kept because it could not be made into an earring. My friend gave me an idea to make a tail and turn it into a bookmark. I made the lock stitch chain out of the remaining attached thread and put some beads and here it is. There could never be a better use of this piece than this. But still I would like to know the ideas of my readers what could it be made into? Post your idea in the comment and get a chance to get it free.


  1. Great earrings and interesting bookmark!! :)

    1. Hello my friend,
      Thanks a lot for your encouraging works all the time.
      When I posted the above post, I decided to giveaway the dream pendant turned bookmark to the person who will tell me another idea which I could have used to turn the ruined dream pendant usable.
      After posting I got busy with my exam preparations and could not get any time to come back here.
      Since there is no other comment except yours and I am highly touched by your encouraging gesture, I have decided to give this dream pendant turned bookmark to you. Could you please mail me your address where I can mail you this bookmark. y email id is prabhjyotsaini at the rate of and please replace "at the rate of" with @.
      Thanks a lot again.