Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just Playing around with Thread

I was just playing around with the thread without even thinking what to make. I ended up making this earring and necklace set in red colored thread with shiny bead. I scanned it with two different backgrounds to see the different effects it give.

For the pattern, I would just say that I made it up myself. All the rings are 3ds p 3ds B 3ds p 3ds. All the chains are 3ds B 3ds 3B 3ds B 3ds. I made this circle in just one go. Starting with the ring and chain sequence, I inserted the jump ring in the fourth chain replacing the 3B. Continuing with ring chain sequence till  I joined the last picot of the eighth ring to the first picot of the first ring. The last chain is split chain, splitted at the point where 3B had to go and inserting a larger pearl bead in both the strings and followed by the individual strings of beads.  
I like the final look of the work but would love to have more ideas of my readers.

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