Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Motif # 15, 16 & 17

I participated in a forum bookmark exchange, I made a bunch of bookmarks before I was satisfied with the one which really came up the way I wanted to for exchange. This is Supermodel bookmark pattern by Brooklynne Michelle, the link to the pattern can be found here.

The first one I made in pink with pink beads. I gifted this to my mother in law who was visiting us when I finished it

The second one I made with black but this was not showing good details the way I wanted. The only thing I liked about it the nice tassel I made following the instructions in Rachel's tassel making video. The video can be found here. I kept it for the times when I need to gift somebody and I don't find anything.

The last one I made in Yarnplayer's Sugar Maple thread size 10 which I sent to my exchange partner. Hope she liked it as much as I like it.

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  1. Your bookmarks all look great! I love the one in the Sugar Maple!! :)